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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To Meat-Eaters: Easy Ways to Reduce Meat Consumption While Retaining Your Comfort Foods, Part 15 

Cooking Specific Vegetables

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I'm really loving your series I linked to it in my first post today. I wanted to do it last week, but I forgot however, I decided I needed to make time today to point to this fabulous series. You should make this into an ebook.
Opal, thank you so much for the kind words here and on your site. I am flattered and feel unworthy of the praise, but I pledge to do my best to try to make the series live up to the wonderful description you presented in Vegan Momma.

I hope that in this series, I am adequately conveying that you don't have to be a cooking expert or even a cooking afficionado to reap the simple benefits and joys of preparing healthy, ethical meals for yourself. And others - share the goodness!
You've done an excellent job and your site will stay in the RSS until the series ends. You really should make this into an ebook.
I thought about you when I saw this link
Like the football player my trainer told me I needed meat in my diet in order to get enough protein; however, I refused and I still gained muscle. I think this is a positive move for vegans we need more of this type of attention.
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