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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Everyone's Talking About Fur 

Fur is now fun.

--The National Review

Fox in a fur farm

Fur farming is well regulated and operates within the highest standards of care.

-- International Fur Trade Association

Fox in a fur farm

Whether with jeans or an evening gown, wearing fur will make you look and feel terrific!

-- Fur Council of Canada

Partially skinned fox

It is time to bring back some honesty about this issue.

-- The Fur Babe, protesting Fur-Free Friday (the Day after Thanksgiving)

Rabbit caught in leghold trap

Today in fashion it's about having fun with something...A black sheared rabbit jacket can be worn with an evening dress or with jeans.

-- Adrienne Landau, designer

"It is very uncomfortable, and often quite painful, for these rabbits to be be forced to live on a wire cage floor. God designed their feet to support their body weight over the whole under-surface of their feet, just as He made our feet." (*)

Rabbit hit on head, hanging by one leg, about to be skinned

There isn't anything that feels as good as fur.

-- Bob Smith, owner of Great Rocky Mountain Furs, Saratoga, Wyoming


There isn't anything that feels as good as fur.

Heh. This is one reason I like to cuddle and brush my pets so much. Fur feels even better when it's attached to it's living source.
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